opening windows from response windows

I am trying to open a child window from a response window and am having
difficulty getting the focus onto the child window.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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8/1/2001 10:53:23 PM
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kevin wrote:

> I am trying to open a child window from a response window and am having
> difficulty getting the focus onto the child window.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
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8/2/2001 2:16:58 AM

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opening response window from response window
Hi! When I open response window from response window in PB 10.2 new response window get focus. But when I do this in PB 8.04 focus stays in first response window and is not posible to change it. Any help? I like this functionality in PB 10.2 and I would like to know if it posible to make it work in PB 8.04. Regards Tomaz It sounds more like some coding problem rather than PB8. Are you sure you're not running some code in timer event of the calling window or something that may occur there after the second response window is called? Just a guess though... ...

Is there a problem opening a response window from a response window?
We have a modal (response) window that is calling a second modal(response) window. Until we migrated to XP, this did not appear to be a problem. Now that a majority of our users have migrated to XP, the second response window **sometimes** freezes. It almost appears as if when the second response window is opened, that the first response window is closed and any choices the users try for closing that second response window are not performed, making it appear that the second response window is frozen. When this occurs and the users try to alt-tab to close the app it isn't found....

open a window from a response window
Hi: I have a button in a response window, when user click this button, I open a window , its type is main window, this window is the active window, it can response for mouse and keyboard. when I switch to the response window , I can't switch to this window again until I close the response window. How do I open a window from a response window and the two windows can switch to each other? simon Unfortiunately, you can't -- this is a standard Windows behavior. Response windows are designed to be application modal, i.e., not allow any other processing in the application ...

open window as a response window
PB8 I have a window (type = main) I want to open this window from another window but now as a Repsonse window. How can I do this ? TIA Shalinder OPEN(w_the_other_window) should do it! Control will pass to the next statement in the event or script after the open immediately without waiting. Hope that's what you expect. If you are going to have many of them open: w_the_other_window lw_1 open(lw_1) which creates another instance of the w_the_other_window class. Shalinder Verma wrote: > PB8 > > I have a window (type = main) > I want to open th...

Prob with opening response window from a response window on XP
Hi, Env: PB 7.x / Windows XP / MS Outlook 2000 Application works alright on Windows 2000, the same doesnt on XP. Scenario, 1. Opening a Response Window A. 2. Opening another response window B from Window A. 3. Here on click of a button, making use of mapi function to send email. 4. When invoked, prompts an MS outlook window with a warning message that an email is being sent and prompts for confirmation. 5. On clicking 'Yes', it sends the email, but afters, the focus is set to Window A, instead of Window B. ...

Opening response window in main window open event...
I'm opening a response window in a main windows open event. The halts all further processing in the main windows open event until the response window is closed. However, this seems to alter the callstack so that the selectionchanged events in tab-pages on the main window is fired *before* the script following the open() function is executed! I can't figure out whether this is a bug or Windows default behaviour... PB 9.0.1, Windows XP 5.1.2600 TIA Andre Want code? Got code: .... type w_main from window (main!) event open; open( w_resp ) // <-- Breakp... and window.opener
Sorry for a really dumb post. I am not a scripting person... I find the whole thing a bit strange really with losely coupled types ect...Anyway, I am putting together a ASP.NET v2 application. One of the pages I am planning on implementing a link to open a pop-up window. In this popup window, the user will select the location of somthing, the window close and the value returned back to one of the parent browsers controls. I know this is not rocket science and I have done endless searches to try and find the answer. I am loading up the page and passing in the ClientID of the control I wish to...

Open Sheet window from response window
I am trying to open a sheet window inherited from w_sheet from a response window. I need it to work like it does when you open the sheet window from a menu using: Message.StringParm = "w_citystate_sheet" of_SendMessage("pfc_open") That way it will resize to the frame area. I have not been able to come up the the correct open command to make this happen. How should I open this PFC window? Use: CloseWithReturn( this, "w_citystate_sheet" ) to close the response window and in the calling object, code: Message.StringParm = "w_citystate...

How to open main window as response window
Hello, I have main window with master data (customers) which I open with opensheet(.......) function. Now I would like open the same window as response window that user could select customer and return selection in parent window. Regards Tomaz I would create a new window inherited from the main window and change the type to Response. You'll probably want to add a couple command buttons and script as well. Mike "Toma� Kralj" <> wrote in message news:4300fba4@forums-2-dub... > Hello, > > I have main window with m...

Total application "hang-up" when opening a response window from a response window
From a w_sheet window I open a w_response window, that holds a command-button. When the user pushes the compand button, I want to open a new w_response window. The window is opened, but the application goes into a complete "hang". I cannot do anything, I cannot focus on any object in the new response window, I cannot move the response window, and of course I cannot active any other windows in the application. I have to terminate the application to get out of the situation. I have tried this with two different sheet's, and I get the same result. What can I do ?? Thanks...

response window and doubleclick on main window causes action on response window
I am having an issue in PB7.0.3 Bld 10009. I have a window that has 2 DW controls. DW1 that has a field the has some validations that occurs in its itemchanged event that calls a response window for the user to select exceptions reasons. DW1 also does an accepttext() in its losefocus event to force itemchanged validations. What is happening, is if the user doubleclicks a field in DW2 that just happens to be inline with a control button on the response window, the cursor gets positions to the field in DW2 but the response window executes the logic for the control button. I've added...

how can I use window.opener but with window.showModalDialog instead of
Hi, I tried the code bellow that I found in  :  4guysfromrolla site:the code displays a source page, whn I click on the Calendar <a href />  link  i get a calendar displayed on a target page. when I select a date, the calendar page closes and populates the textbox txtDate with the chosen date. Here is the code of the 2 pages and my question is down bellow:a source page called frmCalendar.aspx has this:<form name="frmCalendar">   <input name="txtDate" type="text" />   <a href=&q...

How to open a non response window as reponse window?
Does anybody know how to open a non response window as reponse window? The scenario is the following: We have a MDI Application, the Customer setup window is open as sheet in the MDI Frame window using the OpenSheetWithParm function, but we want the user to be able to open the same customer setup window as modal/response window when it is called from within a process (i.e. creating a work order), the idea is to share the same window and not loose any functionality when it is opened as sheet (switch to other windows, minimize, maximize, etc.) or when is opened as response window (prevent ...

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