How to set the default font size, font face in RTE?

Subject tells the question.

Thanks for any help!

11/12/2000 2:02:14 AM
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On Sun, 12 Nov 2000 13:02:14 +1100,
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John Smith <> wrote: 
>Subject tells the question.
>Thanks for any help!

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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11/13/2000 7:42:18 PM
Here's how I did it. I saved an RTF format document in Word, then 
InsertDocument() ed it into my RTE control. Using debug, I came up with the 
following string by CopyRTF() into a local string.

Code snippet follows 
String here_is_rtf
here_is_rtf = "{\rtf1\ansi\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss Arial 
Great said tony}{\operator myself}{\author 
Code snippet ends

On my machines, {\f0\froman Tms Rmn;} seems to be the RTF font default. I 
don't know where it comes from or why it is set to this, but I replace this 
in the string with the parameters described at: 

e.g. replace 'f0\froman Tms Rmn' with 'fswiss Arial Black' and it seems to 
work. PB should have the hooks to permit the coder to set this on control 
initialization. I spent many happy hours looking for these properties and 
didn't find them.
11/14/2000 10:20:29 PM

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