Naming foreign keys PD9

I would like to change the standard way of naming the foreign keys in the
PDM. In the DBMS definition, I change ConstName
(Script->Objects->Reference->ConstName) and it works:


leads to the name


Now, I would like to include the name of the referenced parent primary key
column (in this particular model, there is always only one column
referenced), but




I've tried almost all variables listed in the PDM reference guide, but I
don't get there.

Could someone please help?

Thanks a lot


4/26/2002 8:00:20 AM
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i've got many problems with automatic naming because in most cases the 
names I used have been too long for the target database system. 

I guess PD will use the maxlen parameter for indexes ( in case of Oracle 30 
characters ) and cut the name after composing it according to your rules. 

When you generate the database you will get troubles when the names pdm is 
using are too long because they may form duplicate names over the first 30 

There is no other way except for changing the long names of parent and 
child tables or to change the limits of the parts the key is composed with. 
The code %.U12: limits the component that child table is contributing to 
the whole key-name. 

FK_%.U12:CHILD%_%.U1:REFR%_%.U12:PARENT% .

Worst is this with constraints. I often have duplicates over the first 30 
Characters. If I modify my db and just use the scripts as they are 
generated by pd I loose my table data because pd
drops all temporary used tables after inserting data back into the 
redesigne original tables. But there is no error check. If PD couldnt 
create the new designed table ( because of a duplicate constraint name ) pd 
cant reinsert the saved table data, but still will delete the saved. 

Wilko Helms

4/26/2002 9:14:29 PM

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