Multiple Foreign Key names

Hi all,


Table                A             B             C
Column           a    pk       a  pk         a fk1, fk2
                      aa             b              c
                      aaa           c              d

A and C are linked by reference D.
B and C are linked by reference E.

I can see that fk1, fk2 are displayed in C table.
I hope that fk is only displayed in C table.


6/23/2009 6:30:24 AM
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I am not sure I understand what you need to see.  When you fold a foreign 
key like you have with column a in table C, it is important to know it is a 
foreign key to two different parents.  So, the fk1, fk2 markers are 
important and telling you there are two references for which column a is 
participating as a foreign key join for.  This has important impact on how 
the column will manage referential integrity (either parent is OK, both 
parents must be the same, etc. decisions made only in a case like this).

Let me know if I have misunderstood your questions below, I will be happy to 
help more.


"Robert" <> wrote in message 
> Hi all,
> PD15 EBF7
> Table                A             B             C
> Column           a    pk       a  pk         a fk1, fk2
>                      aa             b              c
>                      aaa           c              d
> A and C are linked by reference D.
> B and C are linked by reference E.
> I can see that fk1, fk2 are displayed in C table.
> I hope that fk is only displayed in C table.

6/23/2009 3:05:18 PM

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