How to generate Powerbuilder extended attributes for columns in PD9.5?

When I perform a PowerBuilder extended attribute generation,
Only extended attribute for TABLE can be generated, No for columns?

1/3/2003 7:44:44 AM
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Are you sure you looked at the column properties sheet?
Also, you have to import the PowerBuilder extended model definitions.
In your PDM:
Click on Model -> Extended Model Definition
2nd icon from the right on the toolbar (Import)
Select PowerBuilder.
In my PDM this gave me about 16 PowerBuilder extended attributes for my

Michael F. Nicewarner [TeamSybase]

"TianJian" <> wrote in message
> When I perform a PowerBuilder extended attribute generation,
> Only extended attribute for TABLE can be generated, No for columns?

1/8/2003 3:05:19 PM
I faced similar problem, Let me elaborate on what I did...

Since our environment is replicated setup, I wanted to include some details
about the tables and columns that are being replicated.
I could not find any means to do it, so I introduced extended attributes to
table level and column level.

I changed the template to take different generation time actions depending
on the values set for the extended attribute of the column
For doing this I added New items under the "Table", like "CreateReplication"
and called it from "AfterCreate" Item

Example: In "Table.AfterCreate"   Item entry, I have script as follows
..if (%ExtTablePartition% > 1)
..if (%Replication% != "None")

"Table.CreateReplication" Item has entry as below
--Please create the replication definition for %Replication%
sp_setreptable %TABLE%, true

The above works fine...

but the real problem is at the column level

At the column level I added scripts to "AfterCreate" and "AfterModify"

Column.AfterCreate  Item has the following entries (where the "RepColumn" is
a extended attribute)
..if (%RepColumn% != false)

The problem is "%TABLE%" does not have any value when the script is

I also tried including the same to "ModifyColumn" and "Create" items, but
..if (%RepColumn% != false)
statement does not evaluate properly because "%RepColumn%" extended
attribute is not available for this item.

Please let me know
1. if there is any thing I'm doing wrong
2. whether the same can be acheived in VBS
3. is this a bug that needs to be reported?

SundarRajan Krishnan

"TianJian" <> wrote in message
> When I perform a PowerBuilder extended attribute generation,
> Only extended attribute for TABLE can be generated, No for columns?

3/6/2003 4:41:58 PM

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