Foreign Key names #3

I wanted to know if there is a way to control the naming convention of
foreign keys in power designer, while generating a PDM from CDM.


Javed Rahman

11/18/1999 7:15:13 PM
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You can change this in the DEF file for the target database you are
selecting.  Find the file and open it in an editor.  You should find a block
that looks like this:
#  Constraint name template for Primary Keys
PKConstraintName = PK_%.U27:TABLE%

#  Constraint name template for Foreign Keys
FKConstraintName = FK_%.U8:CHILD%_%.U9:REFR%_%.U8:PARENT%

#  Constraint name template for Alternate Keys
AKConstraintName = AK_%.U18:AKEY%_%.U8:TABLE%

#  Constraint name template for Check of Column
CKCConstraintName = CKC_%.U17:COLN%_%.U8:TABLE%

#  Constraint name template for Check of Table
CKTConstraintName = CKT_%.U26:TABLE%

You can change the template however you want.  You will want to make a
backup of the original file of course, then save the changes.  When you
generate the PDM next, you will see the changes.

Hope this helps (HTH).


Michael F. Nicewarner [TeamSybase]

xxxx <> wrote in message
> I wanted to know if there is a way to control the naming convention of
> foreign keys in power designer, while generating a PDM from CDM.
> Thnx
> Javed Rahman

11/19/1999 3:58:27 PM

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