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10. When replying, ALWAYS include part of the message in your reply.
Some of us CAN'T remember what happened five minutes ago, let alone

11. The forum is primarily intended to assist PowerBuilder end-users
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Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

Not 1 - but 2 new books on developing with PowerBuilder

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XML and PowerBuilder
Is anyone aware of an XML parser/utility which can be used with PowerBuilder? (DLL or something similar?) Regards Thomas Kellerer ========================================================== Who is user GENERAL FAILURE and why is he reading my disk? ...

PowerBuilder with XML
Hi: I suggest that PowerBuilder support XML.If PowerBuilder have XML function or component,it will be much better than Delphi! Barkely I agree. With the database world increasingly dominated by XML, I find that searching the (beta) help files for PB8 there is not a single mention of XML, like this has passed by the folk at Sybase. What we need, at the very least, is a datawindow to output XML and accepts XML as input. I guess we will have to wait for PB9 now "Barkely" <barkelyhwang@mpinfo.com.tw> wrote in message news:...

XML in, XML out
Hi All (and a happy holiday to those that will get a break), I am trying to read in an XML file of addresses. I need to remove all the address data from the file where code =~ /^000/ (there are none in the example data below). I need to reproduce that data 'as is', so I need to honour the tag structure, although the order of the tags doesn't need to be honoured. I have been trying to use XML::Simple and I had a go with XML::Smart but I haven't been able to get the results I want. My best effort is below (with XML::Simple). There are a couple of differences ...

XMl to XML
Hello,   I retrieved an XML from the dataset which retrieves data from the table in the database. I need to present the data  in a different structure. Is XSLT the way or are there any other options. please let me know. Thanks!! Yes XSLT is a good choice to convert xml file to other forms. You can take a look at XSLT Tutorial.Sincerely,Young Fang...

XML in Powerbuilder
Is there functionality in Powerbuilder 7 or 8 for XML? Where could I find out more about it? There is no built-in XML support in PB7 or 8. PB9 will feature an XML parse and XML export/import support in the datawindow/datastore. In the meantime, you are limited to string concatenation and using the Microsoft MSXML parser via OLE automation. -- <hopethishelps/> Roy Kiesler [TeamSybase] Sybase Developer Network -- http://sdn.sybase.com <Jonna> wrote in message news:64B2A31B812014050068302685256BF2.0068303885256BF2@webforums... > Is there functionality in Powerb...

How PowerBuilder interacts with XML?
As far as I know, PowerBuilder is not directly supporting XML but, is there any way how we can interact PB with XML. Thanks for the help. Vasu What exactly is it that you need to do? Parse XML? Generate XML from back-end data? What kind of application is this? A fat client, a distributed client, a Jauar client? You have a few options, depending on the above: 1. Use a COM or C++-based XML parser, like MSXML (Microsoft) or Xerces (Apache) 2. If you are using an application server (Jaguar for example) you can use a Java component that does the parsing for you and returns results...

XML Parser for PowerBuilder
Hello: Anyone know where one can get a good xml parser for PB8. Looking Forward to hearing from you. Roberto; XML SDK 4.0 from Microsoft. Available free at MSDN. regards .. Chris <Roberto_Ballinas> wrote in message news:AEDB9D2B18E9A4D9002C6C0D85256C41.002C6C1E85256C41@webforums... > Hello: > > Anyone know where one can get a good xml parser for PB8. > > Looking Forward to hearing from you. ...

XML Parser for PowerBuilder?
Anybody know if there is such a thing. Hi developer, I would search the internet for an OCX that can do this. You can use OCXs in PB.... -- Gegroet - Eric Aling [TeamSybase], Cypres Informatisering, The Netherlands Eric's Home & PB Site @ http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/cypr115 developer <nospam@firstam.com> schreef in berichtnieuws CEFCPlGL$GA.256@forums.sybase.com... > Anybody know if there is such a thing. > > ...

XML import in powerbuilder
I am running into a weird problem. I am trying to call a webservice method that returns an XML string. Then I import it into a datawindow using importstring method. This is a customer query. When I query for a single record, it sends me valid XML that I can import, but when queried on multiple records, the xml generated is not being imported. Then I tried to craete a template for import process. When I do that, import returns me -1. I have compared the datatypes and order of fields with the XML elements, they all match. When I run the XML string through XMLParsestring() method, it retu...

XML parser for PowerBuilder
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0005_01BEA685.F1783240 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Has anyone created one or seen one for sale? I'd hate to have to reinvent the wheel... Chad Bradley ------=_NextPart_000_0005_01BEA685.F1783240 Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD W3 HTML//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <META content=3Dtext/html;charset=3Di...

------_=_NextPart_001_01C6E0D0.3E27D77A Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi Craig and fellow VMS Perlers, You last wrote about this Fri 3/16/2001 11:24 AM, not counting your very helpful comments on Eisner/Decuserve more recently. One of my colleagues sent me an email requesting that I make XML::XSLT=20 available on VMS. perl 5.8.6, VMS 7.3-2, DECC 7.1 latest ACRTL (version 3) on Alpha XML::XSLT (version 0.48) depends on XML::Parser (version 2.34). This depends on expat (version 2.0.0). I built expat a...

Welcome to the Appeon for PowerBuilder Newsgroup
Welcome to the Appeon(TM) for PowerBuilder(R) newsgroup. This document contains information on how to best utilize the Sybase Newsgroup Service as well as what you should expect from this service. This newsgroup service was established by Sybase as a vehicle for users to help each other and exchange problems, solutions, information, and ideas. Sybase Technical Advisors as well as Appeon employees and Team Sybase members may assist on the newsgroup as time permits. To ensure that we all receive the greatest benefit from this forum, we have a few guidelines concerning its use: ...

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Welcome to the Powersoft sponsored newsgroup for general PowerBuilder questions. While we encourage you to look around forums.powersoft.com to find a newsgroup that most precisely fits the topic of your question, we encourage those whose questions fall between the cracks to post their questions here. While Powersoft controls this newsgroup, there are some **MIS**interpretations of that fact that should be avoided: - "Posting a message means a guaranteed answer from Powersoft." In an effort to help PowerBuilder developers help each other become successful, Powersof...

How to utilize XML technology with PowerBuilder
I read the document named "How to utilize XML technology with PowerBuilder " by Klaus Kirchner. The website was http://my.sybase.com/detail?id=10138844 but, I couldn't get the attached sample file, pb_xml.zip so, Could you send me that file by e-mail? I need your help.... ================================================== Name : Young chun Lim Company : Daewoo Information Systems Co. Ltd. Department : I-Biz Development Team Email : yclim@disc.co.kr Office : 82-2-3708-8919 Celluar : 82-11-9923-7105 ================================================== Use t...

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