please point me in the right direction...

I need to interface via XML to a credit card verification product.
Does PB v8 support XML? where can I find powerscript examples on
exchanging data w/ another system.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.
5/21/2003 7:38:50 PM
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PowerBuilder 9.0 has support for XML through the DataWindow and with
PBDOM. It also has support for web services. 

You can find some examples on CodeXchange
( but they are PB 9 specific. With PB 8
and earlier you have to roll your own.

Dave Fish
Sybase PowerBuilder Evangelist - Pocket PowerBuilder!

On Wed, 21 May 2003 15:38:50 -0400, new_xml_guy wrote:

>I need to interface via XML to a credit card verification product.
>Does PB v8 support XML? where can I find powerscript examples on
>exchanging data w/ another system.
>Thanks, I appreciate the help.

5/21/2003 8:29:20 PM
Try searching the ole-ocx-activex forum for "MSXML". You'll find a good
number of examples.

Roy Kiesler [TeamSybase]
SDN CodeXchange --

<new_xml_guy> wrote in message
> thanks for responding. could you tell me where I might find
> 'roll your own' code examples?
> Thank yoy very much

5/22/2003 6:07:41 PM
thanks for responding. could you tell me where I might find
'roll your own' code examples?

Thank yoy very much
5/22/2003 6:31:59 PM

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