Could not find definition for Server Alias 'pb_inet'.

Problems faced in running powerbuilder internet toolkit examples
(web.pb) :

I have a window nt 4.0 server with internet explorer 4.0 installed. I
have installed website server & also internet development toolkit from
pb 6.0 beta cd. I have configured web server as per given in
runexamp.htm file & the website server is running as an application(the
icon is shown in toolbar).

The powerbuilder application executable & pbds have been copied to the
directory where pbcgi60 executable exists (with the proper path for

Now if I run the powerbuilder example from the browser (which has been
set as a Home page & the service is started at an empty port) & click on
any of the urls, it gives me the following error :

HTTP/1.0 501 Not Supported (for the Post metho) or HTTP/1.0 404 Object
Not Found (for the form method).

The html page portion of the said page is given below :

<input type=submit value="Get Environment Information"> <B>or</B> 
Environment Information</A>

Secondly, I am running the employee logon screen from the internet.pbl
user object uo_pbdemo by making html page as shown below :
(the service for the application pb_inet is started at a empty port)

<HEAD><TITLE>Logon to Employee Information system</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><H1>Type your Id & Password</H1>
<Form action =
<P>internet address :<Input maxlength="30" name = "as_userid" size = 30
type = "text"> 
<p> Password 	    :<Input maxlength="30" name = "as_userpass" size =
"30" type = "password" value ="" > 
<p><input type = "submit" value = "begin logon"> 
( is my tcp/ip address)

It produces me the following Error: 

PBWEBSetConfig: Could not find definition for Server Alias 'pb_inet'.
PBWEBRunRequest: PBWEBSetConfig has failed. 

Also, sometimes my web.pb application gets hanged & the library becomes
read-only if I invoke browser from my application (is it a memory
problem ?).
also for the application (either from internet.pbl or webpbsrv.pbl) the
error is produced from server window as the port not empty (though the
port has been configured for the application).


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To answer part of your problem, make sure that the pbweb.ini file is located in the
\WinNt directory.  Web.PB will look there for the file.  If your NT system is
configured to use NTFS then you need to make sure that a special user account has read
access to the file.  The special account is setup by IIS is named IUSR_machinename.
When IIS executes a cgi program or ASP script, it will do so as this user for security

The error that you reported is typically that the pbweb.ini file is not in the OS
directory or that web.pb doesn't have access to it.


John Martin
Product Support Eng.
Sybase, Inc.

4/1/1998 6:38:02 PM

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