Calling function in web.pb window


I have a PowerBuilder window witch I use in a program called InTouch

On my window i have a function (of_test) witch takes a string as argument.

From VisuslBasic i can call the function like this:

'start of code
Dim args(1)
Dim numarg
Dim thefunc

args(0) = "Test of function"

thefunc = "of_test"
numarg = 1

PBRX1.InvokePBFunction thefunc, numarg, args

' end of code
This is taken from example in "Using the PowerBuilder internet tools" page
131 and works great

My problem is that InTouch doesn't support arrays.
Is there any other way to call my function ??

Anders Kjaer
FiberVisions a/s

12/13/2001 3:36:26 PM
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