SetTransObject and Linkage

I have the below on the constructor even of a user object (Tabpage)
But I still get the error message of need to call settrans.
Can retrieve the data for each dw but when using the linkage service
then this error appears.

uo_tr_dcdg luo_1
luo_1 =create uo_tr_dcdg
connect using luo_1;


if dw_1.inv_linkage.of_setmaster(dw_3 ) = -1 then
	Messagebox("Error","of_setmaster failed")
End If
If dw_1.inv_linkage.of_Register("id","id")= -1 then
	MessageBox("error","dw_1 register failed")
End If

if dw_4.inv_linkage.of_setmaster(dw_3 ) = -1 then
	Messagebox("Error","of_setmaster failed")
End If
If dw_4.inv_linkage.of_Register("id","cust_id")= -1 then
	MessageBox("error","dw4 register failed")
End If

dw_3.inv_linkage.of_SetTransObject( luo_1 )
6/1/2010 5:15:27 AM
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