Problem with required column after migrating from 10.5 to 11.5

I have a column with a DDDW edit style and the required,
allow edit, and empty string is null are all checked.
Clicking off the field now displays the standard value is
required messagebox. I have code in pfc_checkrequirederror
and it's not getting there. I need an idea how to easily
restore the prior behavior.
1/7/2011 3:53:02 PM
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Hi Russ;

    Did you download and replace the PFC PBLs with the corresponding 11.5.x 

Regards ... Chris
President: OSUG / STD Inc.

"Russ" wrote in message

I have a column with a DDDW edit style and the required,
allow edit, and empty string is null are all checked.
Clicking off the field now displays the standard value is
required messagebox. I have code in pfc_checkrequirederror
and it's not getting there. I need an idea how to easily
restore the prior behavior. 

1/7/2011 9:26:37 PM

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