Calling PB application from other web application

       I have a situation here. I have a powerbuilder 7.0 application with
windows, datawindows and database access. NOw, the management needs this
powerbuilder application to be called by another web application.  I
would appreciate if you could give me the possible solutions.

Thanks in advance,

9/14/2000 7:31:28 PM
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I responded to this in another section.  Please don't cross-post.

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:31:28 -0700,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.pfc
Saravanan Gurusamy <> wrote: 
>       I have a situation here. I have a powerbuilder 7.0 application with
>windows, datawindows and database access. NOw, the management needs this
>powerbuilder application to be called by another web application.  I
>would appreciate if you could give me the possible solutions.
>Thanks in advance,

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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9/15/2000 5:01:01 PM

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