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How can I get the creation date & time of a file. For Example COMMAN.COM
 06/12/96  12:12 ) or
any file. Thanks in advance

COMMAND  COM        93.812  06/12/96  12:12

12/28/1999 1:37:24 PM
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There's a PFC function in file services that does this for you. For an
example of the technique, check out of_GetCreationDatetime in the
n_cst_filesrvwin32 object in pfcapsrv.pbl.

Millard[Team Sybase]
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Melih Vardar wrote in message ...
>How can I get the creation date & time of a file. For Example COMMAN.COM
> 06/12/96  12:12 ) or
>any file. Thanks in advance
>COMMAND  COM        93.812  06/12/96  12:12

12/28/1999 2:47:27 PM

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