winform target getting null object reference


I am new to using winforms.  I watched a sybase webcast
about winforms and tried creating a new target in my
powerbuilder project. I am doing this because I want to use
the new 'intelligent update' process from a website.  My
application new will compile and run.  I have two window
objects in a second PBL file.  My two PBL files are listed
in the 'library files' tab for the project object.

Here's the problem.  I get a 'null object reference at line
3' error when I pick a menu item that opens a window object.

Here is the code that is under the menu item.

w_sample_frame.st_sample_message.Visible = True
OpenWithParm(w_sample_process, 'MAIN')  //<--line3

I tried commenting out all the code in the open event of the
window object and I get the same error.  If I comment out
line 3 above in the menu object script the error goes away
but obvioulsy the window does not open.

I have another menu item that calls a window in the same PBL
as the problematic one and it opens just fine.

Can someone provide some help and tell me if I'm missing
something obvious?  I'm not really sure where to look at
this point.


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