Urgent!!!!! - Windows 2000 Application Error with PB8.0.4 and Oracle

I have a Powerbuilder application that populates form fields in a word 
document and then prints the document.
This process has been working for quite a while.  The word document is 
stored in a blob field in a database table.
Recently the DBMS was upgraded to Oracle   It had been working 
in previous versions of Oracle 9i even if
we modified the document in the database.  The process continued to work 
after the upgrade.   A modification needed
to be made to the word document.  The modification was made to the 
document and saved to the database.
After the document had been saved, when accessing the document, I 
receive WINWORD.EXE application error.
Now the document can't be accessed.  I have deleted the data from the 
database and re-imported the table.
As long as no changes are made to the document afte the database 
upgrade, MS Word can open the document without an error.
Once the document as be modified and saved back to the database, We get 
the error.    I incurred the problem using 8.0.3.
I upgraded to 8.0.4 and am still getting the error.  I also applied the 
lasted Service Pack to MS Office 2002, SP2.
I am running Windows 2000 SP 4.  I looked on Microsft's website, 
Oracle's metalink and have found nothing.
Hopefully someone else has incurred this problem can point in the right 
direction.  I believe it's probably a
DLL incompatibility.

Here's the short error message generated by Word 2002:
AppName: winword.exe     AppVer: 10.0.4219.0     ModName: winword.exe
ModVer: 10.0.4219.0     Offset: 00037e3c

12/16/2003 8:34:17 PM
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