Running PB8 application from a scheduler application

I am trying to migrate a PB6.5 app to PB8.0. The migrated app runs fine from
the command line or when invoked from explorer.

We use a scheduling application called "SmartBatch". When the migrated app
is started from within this scheduler app, the application does not even
start. There is no error message whatsoever.
The run time dll's for PB8 are all there. But the PB6.5 version of the same
application runs just fine from the scheduler.

Does anybody have anything to say about this?

The server runs both PB6.5 apps and PB8 apps. I also verified that
co_existence of the pb65 and pb8 dll's is not causing the problem.


5/10/2002 2:28:49 PM
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