report format changes when previewed or printed

We have recently migrated our PB 4 app to PB 6.5, and the following is

If I look at my report data window as preview, it looks fine. But if I run
the report in the app, and preview it or print it, then it garbles the
formatting. Cuts off the right section of the report eventhough margins are
acceptable, makes lines bold, and increases thickness. Other reports are
working fine...

What is causing these discrepencies, and how to fix?



Stephane Viau
Ottawa, Canada

2/2/1999 6:36:01 PM
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"When I run the report in the app"...

Do you mean compiled, and then run on another machine?  If so, I'd look
into the version of the run-time DLLs that you're using on the user
machine.  Assure that it's the same as the one you compiled under. 

(If this might be the issue, look closely at the path and compare actual
file dates.  Also, search all local disks for PB*.DLL and see if there are
duplicates.  I had a user machine once that had the PB DLLs in the
windows\system subdirectory!  Since windows ALWAYS used them first, no
amount of installation of the correct deployment kit would work.)

Jeff Casbeer
Horizon Solutions, Inc.
2/4/1999 1:20:57 AM