problems printing a report in a file instead of to the printer

Hi everybody.

	I don't know what happens when i trying to print one report in a file
instead of sending it directly to the printer. Here is what i do:
	I hace created temp.dat before.

dw_1.Modify("Datawindow.Print.Filename = 'c:\pedidos\temp.dat'")

After this nothing is the content of the file "temp.dat".

What's wrong?, What i'm doing bad?. Please i need your help.

			Albert Ortu�o (
12/1/1997 10:24:27 AM
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I believe you still need to have the "Generic/Text Only" printer driver
selected as your default printer.  This setting you have done merely
makes that the defualt filename it will create.

Albert Ortu�o wrote:
> Hi everybody.
>         I don't know what happens when i trying to print one report in a file
> instead of sending it directly to the printer. Here is what i do:
>         I hace created temp.dat before.
> dw_1.Modify("Datawindow.Print.Filename = 'c:\pedidos\temp.dat'")
> After this nothing is the content of the file "temp.dat".
> What's wrong?, What i'm doing bad?. Please i need your help.
>                         Albert Ortu�o (
12/1/1997 2:46:53 PM

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