PB app crashes on dw update


I have a strange problem with a PB 10.5.2 app which crashes 
under certain circumstances when dw_1.update() is called. 
I've done a lot of tracing and found some of the Oracle client
DLL involved in the crash. So the customer gave this to Oracle 
support which did a lot of special traces and came to the conclusion
it might be an ERP coding issue. At the end of their answer
they write:  "We really need an OCI testcase for it. Can you involve 
Power Builder Support on it asking for an OCI testcase can you then 
provide us the Name , email and the international phone number 
of the Power Builder Analyst" I wonder what an OCI testcase is?

Thanks in advance for any hints -

Chris Werner
f+s software gmbh
2/18/2010 1:27:30 PM
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