PB 10.5.1 Build 6021 , Oracle 10g server , Oracle 8i client. Making an RPC call to a Oracle Function and the last character is getting truncated

Making an RPC call to a Oracle Function and the last
character is getting truncated.

Similar Support Case : CR Number:    386424
                       Case Number:    11158124

I tried Disableunicode = 1 and not working .Is there any
other workaround for oracle 8i client.
1/15/2008 4:17:21 PM
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That case was for Oracle 9i server and 8i client.  There was
a second workaround which was to use the Oracle 9i client. 
Not sure if that would work for you since you're on Oracle
10g server.

> Making an RPC call to a Oracle Function and the last
> character is getting truncated.
> Similar Support Case : CR Number:    386424
>                        Case Number:    11158124
> I tried Disableunicode = 1 and not working .Is there any
> other workaround for oracle 8i client.
1/15/2008 6:57:30 PM

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