How to create dynamic columns in the Datawindow Using powerbuilder

Can any one let me know How to create dynamic columns in the data window 
using modified method.

Thanks in Advance

3/14/2005 9:14:16 PM
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Please refer "Datawindow Syntax" tool provided by sybase for
generating the syntax to create dynamic columns.

/*************Dynamic column Syntax
<DW Control Name>.Modify(&
"create  column( id=<an integer> tabsequence=<an integer>
accelerator='<a single letter>' moveable=<0 - False, 1 -
True> resizeable=<0 - False, 1 - True> pointer='<Arrow!,
Cross!, HourGlass!, IBeam!, Icon!, Size!, SizeNESW!,
SizeNS!, SizeNWSE!, SizeWE!, UpArrow!, or cursor filename
(with path)>' band=<Detail, Footer, Header, Header.<group
#>, Summary, Trailer.<group #>, Background, Foreground>"  + 
" x='<an integer>' y='<an integer>' bitmapname=<Yes or No>
criteria.dialog=<Yes or No> criteria.override_edit=<Yes or
No> format='<constant string containing display format
(i.e., [general]) for col (can also be an expression)>'
alignment='<0 - Left, 1 - Right, 2 - Center>'
criteria.required=<Yes or No> height.autosize=<Yes or No>
border='<0 - None, 1- Shadow, 2 - Box, 3 - Resize, 4 -
Underline, 5 - 3D Lowered, 6 - 3D Raised>' color='<a long>'
height='<an integer>' width='<an integer>' name=<string>
" background.mode='<0 - Opaque, 1 - Transparent>'
background.color='<a long>' font.face='<name of type face
(i.e., SYSTEM, COURIER)>' font.height='<negative number for
points, positive number for PBUs (i.e., -10 = 10 points, 10
= 10 PBUs>' font.weight='<400 - Normal, 700 - Bold>''<0 - AnyFont, 1 - Roman, 2 - Swiss, 3 - Modern,
4 - Script, 5 - Decorative>' font.pitch='<0 - default, 1 -
Fixed, 2 - Variable>' font.charset='<0 - Ansi, 1 - default,
2 - Symbol, 128 - Shift JIS, 255 - OEM>' font.italic='<0 -
False, 1 - True>' font.strikethrough='<0 - False, 1 - True>'
font.underline='<0 - False, 1 - True>''<URL (with
or without parameters) that is used to generate a link for
each row of the particular column>' html.linktarget='<Target
frame or window that is used to as part of the generated
link for each row of the particular column>'
html.linkargs='<argName>='<expr>' [<argName>='<expr>']
"  edit.validatecode=<Yes or No> edit.focusrectangle=<Yes or
No> edit.format=<constant string containing display format
(i.e., [general]) for col (can also be an expression)>
edit.nilisnull=<Yes or No> edit.password=<Yes or No>
edit.required=<Yes or No> edit.hscrollbar=<Yes or No>
edit.limit=<max number of chars the user can type (0 -
32767)> edit.codetable=<Yes or No> edit.displayonly=<Yes or
No> edit.autovscroll=<Yes or No><Any, Upper or
Lower> edit.autohscroll=<Yes or No> edit.autoselect=<Yes or
No> edit.vscrollbar=<Yes or No>'<repository style
name, if any>') ")

> Hi,
> Can any one let me know How to create dynamic columns in
> the data window  using modified method.
> Thanks in Advance
> Rami
3/15/2005 10:44:56 AM

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