How can I create a OLE control by writing script instead of selecting on control panel?

I want to create a OLE control which names "test.testControl",How to?
I wrote like this:
OLEControl ole_1
ole_1 = Create OLEControl

but it failed.
4/24/2002 7:21:27 AM
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Drop an empty OLE control on your window.  I did this by selecting OLE from 
the toolbar, clicking cancel on the dialog then clicking on my window thus 
adding the OLE container to the window.  Click cancel again if the OLE 
dialog pops up.  Next, in a command button I added:


     When I click the command button, the OLE object of Excel sheet becomes 
inserted in the OLE container on the window.

Hope this helps

- Joe Slawsky (
4/24/2002 12:34:17 PM

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