Help using OLE from a PB executable (PB 6.5)

I copied this from a suggestion found in this NG on how to convert
datawindow to Excel - by saving to HTML (to get computed fields etc), then
converting to Excel format using OLE.

When I run from within PB, it works fine - the file "docname"
is in Excel format.

But when I build the application and run from an EXE, the Excel logic
doesn't seem to do anything - the
resulting file still looks in HTML format.

I am wondering if I need to add something to the Resource file to get this
OLE to work from executable?

The code is as follows (where "ds" is a DataStore):

// begin code sample

// Save as HTML format

 if ds.SaveAs(docname, HTMLTable!, True) = -1 then
     MessageBox("Warning", "Unable to export data. Error writing to file!",
 end if

 // Convert HTML file to Excel native format

 OLEObject excel
 excel = CREATE OLEObject
 li_rtn = excel.ConnectToObject(docname)
 if li_rtn = 0 then
    excel.application.DisplayAlerts = TRUE

..Name).Visible = True
    excel.application.workbooks(1).saveas(docname, 39)
  MessageBox("Error","OLE ConnectToObject return code = " +
end if


// end code sample

Anyhelp is appreciated.


12/17/2001 10:35:10 AM
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This works (don't ask me why is it a global function:-) :

global function integer gf_save_dw_as_excel (datawindow p_dw)

string  ls_html_name, ls_html, ls_html_parse
integer         li_filenumber, li_bytes, li_loop, li
integer         li_rc
long            ll_stringlen, ll_start, LL_EXCEL_STANDARD_FILE_TYPE
ulong ll_handle, ll_rc 
string          ls_rc
oleobject       lole_excel, lole_workbook
//Pointer               OldPointer
// Get The directory in which to save the report
string   ls_dir, ls_file
li_rc = GetFileSaveName('Save As Excel', ls_dir,ls_file, 
IF li_rc = 0 THEN RETURN -1

IF FileExists(ls_dir) THEN FileDelete(ls_dir)

// the Saveas htmltable! only worked up until the html table reached 83K. 
After that
// different "stuff" appears in the stylesheet property.  By doing a 
filewrite this
// problem was elimanated.

li = Len(ls_dir)
ls_html_name    = Mid(ls_dir, 1,li - 4) + ".htm"

ls_rc = p_dw.Modify("datawindow.htmlTable.generateCSS = 'yes'") 
ls_rc = p_dw.Modify("datawindow.htmlTable.nowrap = 'no'") 

ls_html                         = 
ll_stringlen    = len(ls_html) 

If ll_stringlen > 32765 Then
        If Mod(ll_stringlen, 32765) = 0 Then
                li_loop = ll_stringlen / 32765
                li_loop = (ll_stringlen / 32765) + 1
        End if
        li_loop = 1
End if

li_fileNumber   = FileOpen(ls_html_name, Streammode!, Write!, 
LockReadWrite!, Replace!)

IF li_fileNumber >= 0 THEN
        ll_start = 1
        FOR li = 1 to li_loop
        ls_html_parse = Mid(ls_html,ll_start,32765) 
        IF FileWrite(li_filenumber, ls_html_parse) = -1 THEN
                RETURN -1
        END IF
        ll_start += 32765
        RETURN -1

//  lole_excel is a standard user object of type oleobject
lole_excel      = create oleobject

li_rc   = lole_excel.ConnectToNewObject("excel.application")

IF li_rc <> 0 THEN
        destroy lole_excel
        RETURN -1

lole_workbook =
IF NOT ISValid(lole_workbook) THEN
        destroy lole_excel
        RETURN -1

//delete html file !!!!!!!!!
IF fileexists(ls_html_name) THEN

destroy lole_excel 
end function

12/17/2001 6:50:25 PM

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