Hi, Guys,

I keep getting general protection errors when I call "GetURL"/"PostURL". 
The application terminates when this happens. Can anyone help me figure 
this out? 

Here are the sample code. Thanks.


////////////////////sample code///////////////
integer liReturn

String ls_url

internetResult iir_msgbox
inet iinet_base

iir_msgbox = CREATE InternetResult

ls_url = ""
GetContextService ( "Internet", iinet_base)

liReturn = iinet_base.GetURL(ls_url, iir_msgbox)
11/8/2002 4:25:04 PM
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You need to write a custom InternetResult object that has
InternetResult method on it to handle the data.

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 11:25:04 -0500, James_Yang wrote:

>Hi, Guys,
>I keep getting general protection errors when I call "GetURL"/"PostURL". 
>The application terminates when this happens. Can anyone help me figure 
>this out? 
>Here are the sample code. Thanks.
>////////////////////sample code///////////////
>integer liReturn
>String ls_url
>internetResult iir_msgbox
>inet iinet_base
>iir_msgbox = CREATE InternetResult
>ls_url = ""
>GetContextService ( "Internet", iinet_base)
>liReturn = iinet_base.GetURL(ls_url, iir_msgbox)

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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