get names of computer and their users


is there a way to get all the computers and their users in a


3/18/2004 8:56:06 AM
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I use NetQueryDisplayInformation

A good example can be found here

> Hello,
> is there a way to get all the computers and their users in
> a domain?
> Thnx,
> geert
3/19/2004 1:29:03 PM

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Getting the computer name of the client user
Is it possible to get the client's computer name?ez Ez416:Is it possible to get the client's computer name? I dont think so.I do not think a post/get request will send such information. It can be done using an ActiveX object, but the client computer's setting has to be set to a ridiculously low level.When you ask a question, remember to click "mark as answered" when you get a reply which answers your question.My latest ASP.NET AJAX blog entries. Probably it is enough to use Request.UserHostName and Request.UserHostAddress (on server-side). no?[MCPD: WEB]...

Can not get user name from HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name
Hi All; I have tried to use HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name to get window user account. However, from debugger, for a long time ago I saw my window user name. But now, I did not see my window user name (from debugger) with the same code and same function call. Please help. Was I doing something wrong? Or any special settings on web.config/machine.config or project to make it work??? I'm stuck Thanks a lot well, you have to have windows integrated authentiction enabled in IIS, IIRC.RTFM - straight talk for web developers. Unmoderated, uncensored, occasionally unre...

Unable to get local computer user name
We are trying to get the local user name via a web application, and the computer user is logged into a Novell network. Here is the code we have attempted to use, any help would be appreciated! The following concepts have been tried to get the login name from novell client: 1) Using windows identity Context.User.Identity.Name Authentication mode of the application is set to windows.Getting the User Id from windows identity. We are not getting any name. this value is returning null. Request.LogonUserIdentity.Name Authentication mode is set to Windows. Getting the User nam...

How to get DNS Name be the DNS Name rather than computer name
In Patchlink associated with computers there is "DNS Name" field. This field seems to be the computer name (netbios name) for windows computers rather than the dns name assocated with the IP address. Is there a way to configure the patchlink server so this field reports the DNS Name rather than the computer name? where is that "DNS name" field? -- Shaun Pond > where is that "DNS name" field? > > -- > > Shaun Pond > > From the web interface: 1) From the Reports ->Computer Status Report the second field ins...

Problem in getting logged in user Name for ASPX page with (even with this.User.Identity.Name)
Hi  friends,  I am creating an application that takes current logged in user and displays on the page itself. for this I am getting the user name in PageLoad function by using this.User.Identity.Name and then storing the value in a hidden variable for aspx page. I am using this hidden  variable to display the name of the user. I am using Windows authentication for this. Now problem that I am getting is that when multiple user launch the application from different machine and if they click simultaneously, name of one user appears on the paged displayed on the machine of ot...

get user name by user id
hi i send the user ID to a page and there i wanna find the user name. can you please let me know how to find a user name by user id? tanks  Are you using Active Directory? If so check out this tutorialCommunity Coder Hi you can pass the Guid USerId to Membership.GetUser method,MembershipUser usr = Membership.GetUser(UserIDAsGuid); string userName = usr.UserName; // to get the current logged in username , just use HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;    Regards,Anas Ghanem.Note:Please Don't hesitate to click "Report Abuse" link if you noticed som...

Get the User Name for a login user
Hi Guys, How can I get the current loged in UserName in windows in MSSQL? The problem is: Users login into their PC (Windows Login) Enter a URL of the intranet application They would then be able to access the web base application (Intranet) The web application has a string connection to make a connection to the database I want to have a Trigger for my "products" table so if the table is modified (Insert/Update)  all those changes be entered in "products_Audit" table Now on "products_Audit" table I have a field "ChangedBy" where I want to store the windows loged...

How to get user name or user ip address?
Hi to all! I have written a little survey application for our intranet. In order to prevent users from taking the survey a second (3rd, 4th, 5th...) time, the app should detect the user name, or the ip address of the session. Does someone know how to manage this with WebMatrix? Thanks! Bye, MichaelTo finish first, you first have to finish. Sure, you can use the Request object. Request.UserHostAddressStanley Tan theSpoke Blog Stanley, thanks! I searched the MSDN library. I found this article

Mining of a website to get the user names of its users
Hi, I have to do a application in which we have to trace  a website to get the user name of the uers in that website.Kindly give me idea or code to implement this.                                       Thanking you  If it's your website, I don't see why you would need to do this- you would know from the contents of your users database table. If it's not your own website, this is not c...

Getting the user name of the currently logged in user
I'm writing my first custom module. Just as an experimental project I would just display information about the currently logged in user. I can get the User Id, but I don't know where to get the rest of the information. How do I get this? Hi, Just create a new UserController to get the information about one user via the method GetUser(PortalId, UserId) and store it into a UserInfo. Then you can get the rest of the information from this UserInfo [VB] Dim myUser As New UserInfo Dim myUserController As New UserController myUser = myUserController.GetUser(PortalId, Use...

Separting the User name from the Machine name in User.Identity.Name
string userNameWithMachineName = User.Identity.Name; string userNameWithoutMachineName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(userNameWithMachineName); HighOnCodingWanna get high! ...

Application User and still getting the logged in User Name
Hi I have a very intranet situation where User opens the Web Page Now here is calls a Database table where User Rights are stored But access to this database table is given to dbo and Application Uer which is created in IIS Server folder by clicking on Allow Anomymous Login=true when I try to run the Table Query and pass the USer Name I get null UserName how to deal with this situation   Thanks       so do you have anonymous access ON? try deny anonymous access to your application. Enable impersonation in your web.config./GuruBhai Hi, By default, ASP.N...

how to get the user group name by HttpContext.Current.User?
Is it possible to get the domain user group name or role name on domain server by HttpContext.Current.User?For example, I want to identify if the user belongs to group myDomain/Administrators, I try to use User.IsInRole("myDomain/Administrators"), but I failed.One user maybe join multiple groups. How to get the all groups in code for current user?  Demo code for C# and VB please.   Try using this instead: VB: If Page.User.IsInRole("DOMAIN\GROUPNAME") C# If Page.User.IsInRole("DOMAIN\\GROUPNAME") Note, this will only work if you have ...

Getting User My.User.Name to use in text box
Hi All,I have a page load event on my opening web page Default.aspx that includes the following code: SearchString = My.User.Name.ToString()when I run the code on my localhost it tells me that SearchString is (lets say) mashfield, my logged on user name.  However, when I i run it on our web server, searchstring returns blank.can anybody explain this?CheersMatt Matt A This means your request is not authenticated. User.Identity.Name is expected to be an empty string if the request is anonymous.If might want to disable the Anonymous access in InetMgr, at the application level. If Window...

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