Error 999 (rc -1) : Powerbuilder JDBC Internal Error

My fairly complex SQL is working correctly in any
JDBC front-end tools. But when using with PB 9.01, it gave
me the above error.

The database involved is Firebird, and the connection is
JDBC.  This connection seems to work in all cases except
for the above SQLs.

I wonder what "internal" PB is talking about so that I can
have some clue in fixing my SQL.


11/10/2003 10:55:00 PM
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It's probably not your SQL specifically, but rather some JDBC API call
that returned a failure message that PowerBuilder doesn't know how to
handle.  Merant has a JDBCSpy tool that might help you figure out
where the failure is, but I suspect you're quickest route to
resolution will be to open a case with Technical Support.

On 10 Nov 2003 14:55:00 -0800, Ben wrote:

>My fairly complex SQL is working correctly in any
>JDBC front-end tools. But when using with PB 9.01, it gave
>me the above error.
>The database involved is Firebird, and the connection is
>JDBC.  This connection seems to work in all cases except
>for the above SQLs.
>I wonder what "internal" PB is talking about so that I can
>have some clue in fixing my SQL.

Jim O'Neil
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Sybase, Inc.
Concord, MA
11/11/2003 2:46:27 PM

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