Drag and drop: need to register object/window for drag n drop mails from outlook.

Dear all,

I got a problem with dragging and dropping mails from
outlook into a window or an object(listiew, ...) on a

I first tried drag and dropping files on a listview and this
worked perfectly (i even got the right icon into the

but it seems dragging and dropping mails from outlook is a
lot more difficult.
the thing I want to do is to drag and drop an email from
outlook and save it's message to a certain directory to
begin with (maybe later I want that message to be inserted
immediately into a multiline edit control)

But I already found a program on the internet that does the
thing i want!

http://www.catsoft.ch/en/asp/page.aspx?key=3Ddownloads <<
look for =93Drag & Drop in PB=94
http://www.catsoft.ch/files/pbdragdrop.zip << direct

I must say it is a small program but it does exactly what i
but if I look at the program it seems to use a dll to
register the window for drag and drop for emails. (correct
me if I am wrong)

my question is now how do you register a window for dragging
and dropping emails? (I can't use the dll from the site
above because of security reasons of the company I work for)

my guess is to make a dll in c# and somehow register it but
I don=92t really know how.
I have tried several things in c#.
(I have been looking for a solution for over a week)

I am using powerbuilder 11.2 build 8616  and visual studio
2008 (express edition)


5/15/2009 11:40:43 AM
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