Declaring & using Activex control from pb

I'm using an activeX control say printer.dll. Now how can I declare this activeX
control in powerbuilder to use it's functions and methods. I do not want to use
it as a external function but an activex control. So when I create this activex
what should be the syntax and moreover what object type would this be as the
following code does not work

object newobject

newobject = create printer.printer

Any clues.
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11/10/2000 3:20:32 PM
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You would look in the registry and find the VersionIndependentProgID for the
ActiveX.  Then you would do something like:

newobject = ConnectToNewObject ( "thatprogID" )

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>I'm using an activeX control say printer.dll. Now how can I declare this
>control in powerbuilder to use it's functions and methods. I do not want to use
>it as a external function but an activex control. So when I create this activex
>what should be the syntax and moreover what object type would this be as the
>following code does not work
>object newobject
>newobject = create printer.printer
>Any clues.
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