Creating Oracle Database Connection

I am getting a create catalog error when I try to create an
Oracle connection in Powerbuilder version 10.5.  I have
create table permissions with the ID that I'm using.  What
could be causing this error?
8/16/2006 5:16:23 PM
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By default PB will use the SYSTEM userid to create the catalog tables.  On 
the db-profile system tab you can specify the owner of the PBCATxxx tables.

Terry Dykstra (TeamSybase)
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<Stephen Jung> wrote in message
>I am getting a create catalog error when I try to create an
> Oracle connection in Powerbuilder version 10.5.  I have
> create table permissions with the ID that I'm using.  What
> could be causing this error? 

8/16/2006 7:21:10 PM

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