Convert decimal to string

I need to put a decimal field into a message box.  I converted it to
string, and it shows about 10 decimal places. I only want the user to
see 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal.

Connie Phillips
12/3/1997 8:39:12 PM
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use mid to find the decimal then left() to chop off > 2 places beyond it..

Connie Phillips wrote in message <>...
>I need to put a decimal field into a message box.  I converted it to
>string, and it shows about 10 decimal places. I only want the user to
>see 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal.
>Connie Phillips

12/3/1997 9:33:18 PM
On Wed, 03 Dec 1997 15:39:12 -0500, in
powersoft.public.powerbuilder.general Connie Phillips
<> wrote:

>I need to put a decimal field into a message box.  I converted it to
>string, and it shows about 10 decimal places. I only want the user to
>see 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal.


You can use the second optional argument to specify the number of
decimal places:


Boris Gasin [TeamPS]

Have a heart,
12/3/1997 9:58:13 PM

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