Cascading deletes

I need to know the best method to process cascading deletes with a SQL
Anywhere 5.0 DB.  The user can delete certain records and I want to make
sure all child records are also deleted.

Thanks in advance.

11/5/1999 2:00:28 PM
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The easiest thing to do is to use the build in cascading deletes option of
foreign keys.

Geert 'Darling' Van Damme

Jason Csomay wrote in message ...
>I need to know the best method to process cascading deletes with a SQL
>Anywhere 5.0 DB.  The user can delete certain records and I want to make
>sure all child records are also deleted.
>Thanks in advance.

11/6/1999 9:39:49 AM

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I need to implement my cascading deletes on a SQL database.  Is it better (performance/reliablility-wise) to use the Foreign Key Cascading Deletes or to just write my own triggers to do the deletes?I was hoping someone had experimented and found which works best. DRI(declarative referential integrity) triggers are used when Cascade Deletes and Updates cannot be implemented in the RDBMS(relational database management system) as in SQL Server 7.0 and below.  In SQL Server 2000 using Cascade Delete and Cascade Update is the way to go.  The reason is reliability related because ...

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I'm trying to add delete cascade to an already-existing table via ISQL. I'm getting a syntax error: alter table carrier on delete cascade; Error = syntax error near 'on' Should I be able to do this? I'm running on Windows 2000 Pro, SQLAnywhere 5.5.03, using DBENG50.EXE. It should be something like: alter table carrier drop foreign key fk1 alter table carrier add foreign key fk1 references ... etc ... on delete cascade Then when the row in the fk1 table is deleted the row in the "carrier" table will be deleted also. -- Steve http://www...

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In SQL Central, how do I set sqlanywhere to enforce referential integrety and delete all foreign keys when a record is deleted? Thanks for any help, Randy Nelson >In SQL Central, how do I set sqlanywhere to enforce referential integrety >and delete all foreign keys when a record is deleted? To create a foreign key you can click on the "Add foreign Key" line to start a fkey creation wizard. To change the properties of an existing foreign key definition, Right click on the foreign key and choose Properties. Click the 'Integrity' tab. Under "de...

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Hello, I have a problem with the speed of a delete on a table that use cascades delete I use ASA I have a table (tb_a). It has 100 records. This table is referenced by 16 other tables. (tb_b) Some of these tables are referenced by other tables.(tb_c) Some of these referenced tables are referenced by other tables. (tb_d) Sometimes, tables are referencing other tables directly ex : tb_a is referenced by tb_d When I make a delete on tb_a, it takes 30 sec. to make the delete. The delete is indexed as I delete on the primary key from tb_a. For tb_b, tb_c, tb_c, There ...

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In PowerDesigner 9.5.2, is it possible to have all relationships in the PDM which have cascading deletes highlighted in a different color than the others. I'm hoping there is a way other than manually changing the color on each one. If you can handle a little VB Script writing, you can do it. There are a few sample scripts to start with. What you will need to do is: Spin through all of the references. For each, if the type is on delete cascade, then set the color attribute to something special. It really shouldn't be a lot of coding. If you need help, post back here ...

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This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------DB2070C890FF2F3A31CE38D9 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hi, I'm new to Sybase SQL Server 11 and I'm wondering whether there is any possibility to perform a cascading delete in a master-detail-relationship using a foreign key constraint? Any ideas? Thanks Thomas --------------DB2070C890FF2F3A31CE38D9 Content-Type: text/x-vcard; charset=us-ascii; name="vcard.vcf" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Description: Card for Thomas Golob Content-Dispositi...

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Does anyone know how to implement cascade delete within ASE on tables with foreign keys? If so please help me! I know that ASA has this capability but I can not find anything in ASE to support it. Here is my email if you have an answer thanks, Richard ASE does not support declarative cascading deletes through referential integrity. If you want to do cascading deletes, you will have to write triggers to handle your foreign keys, rather than using the constraints. -bret Rich and Peg wrote: > Does anyone know how to implement cascade dele...

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In my consolidated database I have a foreign key between two tables with the cascading delete integrity constraint applied. The two tables are replicated (in their entirety) to a remote database. In the remote database should I have the delete integrity constraint applied in the foreign key between the two tables? If a record is deleted from table A in the consolidated database and this cascades and deletes a record in table B, won't the individual delete statements from the transaction log be applied to the remote database thus removing the need for the "cascade" to ...

Good afternoon, I am seeing some conflicting information when I search for the ON DELETE CASCADE statement on the Internet. Does ASE 15.x support the ON DELETE CASCADE function or is this same functionality implemented via a trigger? Thanks in advance. Whatty Hi, I recall there is a feature request to have this function but don't know if it is in ASE 15.x yet (Change Request 289627) Also there is a similar request from ISUG which you can vote on to increase it priority. Enhancement ID 2235:

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Hello, I'm trying to use cascade delete on Sybase, but it doesn't work like SQL Server 2000. Does anyone know how to do it (I can't use a stored procedure, only triggers)? I've got a table that has referencied rows on another tables, and I want to delete these records when I delete the row on the parent table. This is the parent table CREATE TABLE dbo.tbl_Protocolo_x_Documento ( Cn_Protocolo int, Cn_Documento int, Ds_Motivo varchar(255), CONSTRAINT PK_tbl_Protocolo_x_Documento PRIMARY KEY(Cn_Protocolo,Cn_Documento) ) GO...

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PowerDesigner Version and MS SQL 7.0 SP3. I need to be able to allow for Cascading deletes and updates. I see two problems at this point: One is the current code in the DBMS properties for Relationship Create is as follows: [%USE_SP_FKEY%?[execute ]sp_foreignkey %TABLE%, %PARENT%, %FKEYCOLUMNS% :alter table [%QUALIFIER%]%TABLE% add [constraint %CONSTNAME%] foreign key (%FKEYCOLUMNS%) references [%PQUALIFIER%]%PARENT%[ (%CKEYCOLUMNS%)]] In order for it to place the correct code I believe I need to have the following: [%USE_SP_FKEY%?[execute] sp_foreig...

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I'm trying to implement cascading deletes in Sybase via a trigger. I know I can't just specify this when I create the foreign key constraint. So, my question is this, which will fire first, the RI or the trigger? If it's the former, then I won't be able to delete any children because the parent will exist. Is there a clean workaround if this is the case? Thanks! Arthur ---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==--- Don't use the constraints. Use only the triggers for your RI. Bob Densmore Arthur Lan...

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Hi all, I'm working on the porting of an application from Oracle to Sybase (ASE 11.9.2). Now I'm facing with the "on delete cascade" and "cascade constraints" directives present in Oracle. Is there anything similar in Sybase or is there any workaround? Thanks to anybody can help me. Gianpaolo. -- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gianpaolo Araco phone +39-06-47823776 - ext: 17 Web Bridges Srl fax +39-06-48906270 Via Mecenate 59 mailto:gianpaolo@web...

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