Access dot-net object?

A 3rd party provides us with a COM object which we call from our PB10
application.  They are talking about moving the COM object to a
"dot net object".  Would we still be able to access this object from PB10?

12/10/2005 12:07:25 AM
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Will you have access to source code?
Generally is possible to generate COM object from .NET assembly...
Or if you can wait for release PB 12 - it will be full .NET compatible
( i was told):))
� "Wes Gray" <> ������ ��� ������
>A 3rd party provides us with a COM object which we call from our PB10
> application.  They are talking about moving the COM object to a
> "dot net object".  Would we still be able to access this object from PB10?
> -Wes 

12/10/2005 7:31:26 PM
your try ask them to supply a COM object from the .net assembly. For non 
array and basic data types, public functions and methods can be easily made 
COM visible without effort.

Otherwise you may have to do some of your own COM type conversion as shown 
on the msdn site.

"Grigoris Tsolakidis" <> wrote in message 
> Will you have access to source code?
> Generally is possible to generate COM object from .NET assembly...
> Or if you can wait for release PB 12 - it will be full .NET compatible
> ( i was told):))
> � "Wes Gray" <> ������ ��� ������ 
>>A 3rd party provides us with a COM object which we call from our PB10
>> application.  They are talking about moving the COM object to a
>> "dot net object".  Would we still be able to access this object from 
>> PB10?
>> -Wes

12/16/2005 7:23:12 AM

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