Report with text spanning >1 page


Using PB6.5.  We have a record with several character columns used to
store large amounts of text (approx 4-30K characters).  Our columns are
2k, and can have 2+ rows.

About halfway down page 1 of our report, we need to display the text
columns consecutively down the page, possibly overflowing to 2nd & even
3rd pages.  Then we have another nested report to start on a new page
after the text.

We have tried many approaches - nested, composite, etc - but cannot get
the text to "page break" properly.  Logically, we want the text in one
or more nested reports, since we have a "header" before the text area,
and on each "overflow" page.  One problem - we do not know which column
will reach the bottom of the page and force the page break.

Perhaps we need to combine our columns into one text "blob", or rethink
our table structure?.  Last resort would be to store all the text line
by line, but that introduces other problems (with word wrap during data
entry, for example).

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of "text-intensive"


Stephen Clarke

11/3/1998 2:00:39 PM
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