PB, print a datawindow with a specific font

Hello everybody,

I have the next problem :
I want to print a datawindow with this specific fonts 'OCR-B 10Pitch BT
This font doesn't exist in fonts for windows 95. So I have add it.
So now, I can use this font in a datawindow painter but When I want to print
this window, I have strange character.
When I print a letter with this font in word, I have no problem. The printer
can print with this font.
So I think, It is powerbuilder that can't manage this font.
I must use absolutly this font in PB.

Thanks for all

7/19/2000 12:28:57 PM
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We use OCR fonts with no problem. The font must be added on every machine
that runs the application. It does not get embedded in the datawindow.

Nathalie Meurant wrote in message <#m5gV4X8$GA.196@forums.sybase.com>...
>Hello everybody,
>I have the next problem :
>I want to print a datawindow with this specific fonts 'OCR-B 10Pitch BT
>This font doesn't exist in fonts for windows 95. So I have add it.
>So now, I can use this font in a datawindow painter but When I want to
>this window, I have strange character.
>When I print a letter with this font in word, I have no problem. The
>can print with this font.
>So I think, It is powerbuilder that can't manage this font.
>I must use absolutly this font in PB.
>Thanks for all

7/19/2000 3:12:19 PM

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