How to Modify computed field expression on Runtime?


I've a computed field with the Expression='No. '+String(getrow()).

My question is with dw1.Modify(compute1 + ".Expression='No.
'+String(getrow())") how can we put the quotes in the correct syntax. I
always get an syntax error.


10/1/2002 11:14:37 AM
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Have you tried:
<DW Control Name>.Modify("<ComputedFieldname>.Expression='<expression>'")
10/1/2002 1:52:30 PM
Maybe i didn't explained myself.

The problem was the quotes when you want to do something like this:

dw1.Modify("compute_01.Expression='~~'Register ~~' No. getrow()'")

the problem was how to represent ' in quotes. ~~' works great.

Anyway, thanks.

<team_hh> wrote in message
> Have you tried:
> <DW Control Name>.Modify("<ComputedFieldname>.Expression='<expression>'")

10/1/2002 2:35:49 PM

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