Crosstab Datawindow part 2

I have to make a crosstab report like this :
Model		Jan 	Feb	Mar ....... Nov	Dec
A		1	10	0	   0	4
B		4	0	1	   4	7
C		3	1	0	   0	3

But, if I only have data until Oct, the Nov and Dec will not appear in
Like this :
Model		Jan 	Feb	Mar ....... Oct	
A		1	10	0	   5	
B		4	0	1	   4	
C		3	1	0	   0

What can I do to show Nov and Dec in my crosstab, even they have no data
and I want to show the zero number in Nov and Dec???
Thank you

Eka Putra
Jakarta - Indonesia.		
2/3/1999 2:06:21 AM
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First create a select statement that will retrieve all months (jan to dec).
Then make your crosstab static and retrieve the data.  Now go back and
chance your select to what it really should be.  You will always have all
months displayed, even if there is no data.

Terry Dykstra (TeamPS)
Canadian Forest Oil Ltd.
Eka Putra wrote in message
>I have to make a crosstab report like this :
>Model Jan Feb Mar ....... Nov Dec
>A 1 10 0    0 4
>B 4 0 1    4 7
>C 3 1 0    0 3
>But, if I only have data until Oct, the Nov and Dec will not appear in
>Like this :
>Model Jan Feb Mar ....... Oct
>A 1 10 0    5
>B 4 0 1    4
>C 3 1 0    0
>What can I do to show Nov and Dec in my crosstab, even they have no data
>and I want to show the zero number in Nov and Dec???
>Thank you
>Eka Putra
>Jakarta - Indonesia.

2/3/1999 3:21:09 AM

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