Copying Data between DW and CrosstabDW

i face this problem:

I have a DW1 with external DataSource.
This DW1 gets his Data from another DW2
based on some selections that the User can do.
DW2 is based on a select. This works fine.
So the Structure of DW1 and DW2 are equal.
Now i want to copy (sharing is impossible) the Data of DW1 - the local DW -
with a crosstab DW based on the same select than DW2.

Is this possible ? 
How can i do this ? 

DB: Oracle 8.1.7.
PB: 8.0.1

please help a newbie
11/30/2001 9:17:37 AM
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dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Data = dw_2.Object.DataWindow.Data
11/30/2001 6:19:17 PM

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