computed field expression

I have this statement but it is not producing the desired results.
I have 2 computed fields that are supposed to get the total amount for cash
and the total for credit.

compute_1: If( payment_payment_form <> 'cash', sum( payment_amount for

compute_2: If ( payment_payment_form ='cash, sum( payment_amount for all),0)

Obviously this aboue just produces the total for both cash and credit.
I can't get the syntax right but I need something like;

If ( payment_payment_form ='cash, sum( payment_amount for all) where
payment_form = cash,0)

Any ideas?

11/6/2002 12:32:49 PM
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Didn't try this but should work:

compute_credit: sum(payment_amount * (If(payment_form <> 'cash', 1, 0) for 

compute_cash: sum(payment_amount * (If(payment_form = 'cash', 1, 0) for 

11/6/2002 1:35:33 PM
....remove ( in front of If( (;-)
11/6/2002 2:05:29 PM

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