Composite report print/print preview cutting last line of multi-page report

I have a Composite report and I am using 8.01.
The report is multipage.

At the end of each page the last sentence of the page get truncated. For 
example, When you are at the end of page 1, the last line will get printed 
half on page 1 and half on page 2..

You can see this effect in print Preview also.

Is this a problem??

HOw to resolve it..

Thanks in advance.
5/5/2003 3:37:08 PM
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Do you have a real large autoheight column in there?  It's a known
issue (not bug) when you have very large autoheight columns (those
that span page breaks).

I've had success with putting such large columns into their own nested
datawindow.  That forces PB to break before the column if the column
will cross over a page boundary.  It ends up leaving some blank space
on the end of the prior page, but it's better than losing text or
seeing it duplicated (both indications of this issue).

On Mon, 5 May 2003 11:37:08 -0400, wrote:

>I have a Composite report and I am using 8.01.
>The report is multipage.
>At the end of each page the last sentence of the page get truncated. For 
>example, When you are at the end of page 1, the last line will get printed 
>half on page 1 and half on page 2..
>You can see this effect in print Preview also.
>Is this a problem??
>HOw to resolve it..
>Thanks in advance.

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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5/12/2003 2:20:15 AM

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