Any way to get the parent of a child datawindow in a composite datawindow?

Using PB 8.0.3 9704 on Win2K.

I have a DataWindowChild that came from a GetChild() call for a composite 
datawindow.  At runtime, I don't "know" what composite datawindow is the 
parent of the child datawindow.

Any ideas on how to get this information?

I tried DataWindowChild.GetParent().  Compiles fine and "Help" says this 
should work, but all I get is a null object reference.

Thanks in advance...
2/28/2003 4:18:33 PM
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Is this a problem with a poorly designed function signature?
Succesfull GetChild call could ONLY have been done with having a reference 
to the datawindow control containing the composite dataobject (or right in 
that control).
So, the only way to "figure out" the parent of the report in the composite 
from the datawindowchild reference is to have the reference to the parent 
control passed to the function that deals with the child. 
2/28/2003 5:13:33 PM