WARNING: Connections to SQL Anywhere 5.5 or ASA 6.0 no longer works properly after applying last patches !!

We are using PowerBuilder 5.0.04 to connect to SQL Anywhere 5.5 and ASA

After applying the last ASA patch (6.0.3) on my PC, it no longer works
properly. In the database painter and whenever I access an ASA database,
all the table names appears in lowercase (they previously appeared in
uppercase) and I can no longer edit or view the indexes.

In SQL central, anything is still OK. The problem only happens in
So, I suppose it's related to the PB/ODBC interface... Perhaps I need to
add something in the PBODB050.INI file ... but what ?

The very same problem occured on another PC with SQLAnywhere 5.5
after applying the 5.5.05 patch.

So, it seems that one of the last changes in both SQL Anywhere 5.5 and
ASA 6.0
prevent the PB/ODBC interface in PB 5.0.04 from working properly.

Can you help me ?

In the meantime, I'll reinstall the previous versions I was using (SQL
Anywhere 5.5.04 and ASA 6.0.1).

I thank you in advance,

-V. Kieffer

PS: I don't know if it's relevant, but ... the PCs where the problem
    are NT 4.0 workstations using ODBC version 3.51.

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