System 11 sp_getmessage call in Powerbuilder 5.0

We're having a problem calling sp_getmessage in sybsystemprocs in a
PB5.03 application.

We used sp_addmessage to add message 20000 in the sysusermessages
table.  The PB application pbl is our standard login pbl and we want
it to check for a message using sp_getmessage and, if there is a
message (as opposed to ""), then show the user the message in an OK
Box.  This allows use to communicate with the user base about
maintenance down time etc etc.

We've followed the syntax in PB and keep getting the following

"Can't use the OUTPUT option when passing a constant to a stored 

The PB code is as follows:

string	ls_msgtxt
integer	li_msgnbr
li_msgnbr = 20000
DECLARE l_getmessage PROCEDURE FOR sp_getmessage
	@msg_nbr = :li_msgnbr,
	@msg_txt = :ls_msgtxt output
EXECUTE l_getmessage;
// Check for success or failure of stored procedure
	/* Stored Procedure executed successfully.  Determine 
	the values of the output parameters to the stored
	FETCH l_getmessage INTO :ls_msgtxt ;
	// Close the procedure
	CLOSE l_getmessage;
	Messagebox("Database Error", SQLCA.SQLErrText)
IF ( IsNull( ls_msgtxt ) ) OR ( ls_msgtxt = "" ) THEN

We've succesfully used this syntax with a stored procedure that we
wrote that returns values without any problems.  Is there something
specific about sp_getmessage, or the fact that it is a system stored
procedure?  Do I have to write a wrapper for sp_getmessage and pass
values back and forth?

Any help would be appreciated.

Adam R. Albina
Chief, Software Engineering
United States Military Acadmey
11/19/1997 10:47:14 PM
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On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 22:47:14 GMT, (Adam R.
Albina) wrote:

>We've followed the syntax in PB and keep getting the following
>"Can't use the OUTPUT option when passing a constant to a stored 

Make sure that your transaction object's userid attribute is empty or
null before you connect.


steve [TeamPS]
11/20/1997 4:46:52 AM

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