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Hi everyone,
When I use ODBC to connect Microsoft SQL Server 2000.=20
The following statement will occure error=20

select emp_no,adj_date into :is_emp_no,:is_sdate from pr1sar10 tb1 where =
tb1.emp_no=3D:as_emp_no and tb1.sdate=3D(select max(tb2.sdate) from =
pr1sar10 tb2 where tb2.emp_no=3D:as_emp_no and tb2.sdate<=3D:as_sdate);

The error message is=20
SQLSTATE =3D 37000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server =
(This Chinese sentence means is  syntax error or violate access rules)

But when I use ado.net to connect the database. It is ok. No error.
Could anyone can tell me where I setup error ?


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<DIV>Hi everyone,</DIV>
<DIV>When I use ODBC to connect Microsoft SQL Server 2000. </DIV>
<DIV>The following statement will occure error </DIV>
<DIV>select emp_no,adj_date into :is_emp_no,:is_sdate from pr1sar10 tb1 =
tb1.emp_no=3D:as_emp_no and tb1.sdate=3D(select max(tb2.sdate) from =
pr1sar10 tb2=20
where tb2.emp_no=3D:as_emp_no and tb2.sdate&lt;=3D:as_sdate);</DIV>
<DIV>The error message is </DIV>
<DIV>sqldbcode=3D999<BR>SQLSTATE =3D 37000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server=20
<DIV>(This Chinese sentence means is&nbsp;&nbsp;syntax error or violate =
<DIV>But when I use ado.net to connect the database. It is ok.=20
<DIV>Could anyone can tell me where I setup error ?</DIV>


5/9/2007 1:13:35 AM
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Hi All
Is it possible to connect pb6.5 to oracle 10g.
If possible what is DBMS connection string, What version
oracle client should be used to connect Oracle 10g?

Thanks in advance
5/9/2007 4:38:34 AM
Probably only choice is O73 driver (perhaps O84).


<Ram> wrote in message news:4641504a.773c.1681692777@sybase.com...
> Hi All
> Is it possible to connect pb6.5 to oracle 10g.
> If possible what is DBMS connection string, What version
> oracle client should be used to connect Oracle 10g?
> Thanks in advance
> Ram 

5/9/2007 8:29:47 AM
You can use the O84 driver, but not OR8.  O73 driver probably won't work, 
due to all the changes in the OCI interface that Oracle made in 9i.
I'm not sure when that driver was introduced.  I believe it was in 6.5.1 or 
one of the EBFs after that.  EBF1326 was the last released, but I'm not sure 
where to find that one.  The 651 release you can get from 
downloads.sybase.com.  Make sure to set the timeframe to ALL.

Terry Dykstra (TeamSybase)
product enhancement requests:

"Jim Madderra" <jmadderra@astound.net> wrote in message 
> Probably only choice is O73 driver (perhaps O84).
> dbms=O73
> servername=@tnsalias
> logid=username
> logpass=password
> <Ram> wrote in message news:4641504a.773c.1681692777@sybase.com...
>> Hi All
>> Is it possible to connect pb6.5 to oracle 10g.
>> If possible what is DBMS connection string, What version
>> oracle client should be used to connect Oracle 10g?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Ram

5/9/2007 2:53:56 PM

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