Name Of Foreign Key

I'm using SQL Any50, ORACLE, and SQL Server 6.5 with a PB 6.0 Application.

I'm looking for a solution to get the name of the Foreign Key, for some
of my application.

Is there someone who know where i can find it in the system table ?



3/12/1999 10:00:12 AM
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Steph --

In Oracle, you need to look at either the ALL_CONSTRAINTS or the
In SQL Server 6.5, you would look at the SYSREFERENCES table.
I'm not sure where you'd look in SQL Anywhere.


Ron Gallagher, CPDP
Atlanta, GA

Steph wrote in message ...
>I'm using SQL Any50, ORACLE, and SQL Server 6.5 with a PB 6.0 Application.
>I'm looking for a solution to get the name of the Foreign Key, for some
>of my application.
>Is there someone who know where i can find it in the system table ?
>ETIENNE St�phan

3/12/1999 12:59:05 PM

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