BCP for MSSQL Server 6.5 & PowerBuilder

I am trying to use BCP for MSSQL Server 6.5 & PowerBuilder and have run
into a snag I also understand that Sybase SQL Server 10 & 11 use the same
structure.  I find references to DBPROCESS and LOGINREC structures.  I have
research Technet, MSDN, DB-Library Programming Guide, sqlfront.h and
sqldb.h and I have yet to find the structure definitions of these.  If
anyone knows where I can find the structure definitions of DBPROCESS and
LOGINREC and any other structures I might need please let me know.  Unlike
C or C++ I can not refer to these pointers in a header file I must have
them defined in PowerBuilder.  


10/2/1997 4:24:38 PM
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