PB 6.x connectivity problem with ODBCJt32.DLL data source???

I'm using PB 6.x and having problems connecting to datasources that use
ODBCJT32.DLL (ver 4.x).  If the odbcjt32.dll file is replaced with an older
version (ver 3.5x) then it works fine.  Is there a way around this
connectivity issue without replacing the file?  Is there a section in the
PBODBC60.INI file that can be added to help...and if so, does anyone have
that information?  Are there other issues to be concerned about?

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Christian Fordham
ETS, Inc.

1/17/2001 9:46:20 PM
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I had the same issue in my app and needed to convert the application to PB 
7 to get it working. MS changed the Jet engine ODBC calls and it seems the 
problem is addressed in PB 7. Try converting the app in a test environment 
and see if the problem goes away.

Hope this helps.
1/30/2001 5:53:14 PM