Oracle 8i client connected to Oracle 9 database.

I have connected my Powerbuilder 9 application to a Oracle
9i database using Oracle 8i client. My Oracle home is set to
8. My Powerbuilder DB connection is using Oracle 8. Things
seem to work. Why?
12/3/2004 9:03:31 PM
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In general, there will be compatibilty between client and server
versions here; however, you'd have to check Oracle for their specific
supported configurations.  If you try to access anything new in Oracle
9 (like new datatypes, etc.), I expect you'll see problems that may be
handled gracefully or not so gracefully.

On 3 Dec 2004 13:03:31 -0800, Kurt Pager wrote:

>I have connected my Powerbuilder 9 application to a Oracle
>9i database using Oracle 8i client. My Oracle home is set to
>8. My Powerbuilder DB connection is using Oracle 8. Things
>seem to work. Why?

12/3/2004 9:28:39 PM

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