Can anyone get Excel 97 Automation to work with their Power++?

I've tried this on two different machines with the latest copy of Power++
2.0 and I can not get "Excel.Application" automation object to work with
Power++ 2.0.

I do the following:
1. From the menu select Components -> Add ActiveX Components..
2. Select "Show Automation Servers"
3. Select "Microsoft Excel 97 Application"
4. Try different combinations of the setting from the ActiveX component
5. Press finish

What I see is a message stating that something is building (I can not see it
well since it flashes by quickly).  Then I get a message saying ActiveX
component library(s) successfully created.

BUT nothing gets created no new directory under the component directory and
nothing gets added to the component palate.

Frankly, I'm getting very frustrated and disappointed with the ActiveX
capabilities of Power++ (or lack of) .  I have a project due and I'm forced
to use Delphi to meet my deadline.

Can anyone out there duplicate this problem or is it me.  I've successfully
used Excel automation from PowerBuilder 5 and Delphi on both the machines,
so I don't think there is anything wrong with Excel.

Any help will be appreciated.

Ali Pashaei.

1/13/1998 11:52:20 PM
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I can't get it to work either but I'm not running the latest version of
Excel.  Is Excel a true ActiveX or just an OLE?
Jim Egan [TeamPS]
Dealer Solutions, LLC
Houston, TX

1/14/1998 2:23:34 AM
Hi Ali,

Had the same problem with creating the Excel component library (Note that
word built ok from this option??).

You can work around this by leaving the radio button on the show type
libraries option and selecting Microsoft Excel 5.0 Object Library.  On the
next screen save the contents of the folder as the first generation produced
an error message on the build.  Also ensure that you enter a unique prefix
for the application objects on the last screen to prevent duplication
errors.  On the first build attempt I got an error when building
dtExcel.dll - "Too many files open".  To get around this, go through the
above steps again and select the "Use existing source files to build
component(s)" option.  This starts at the point of building the dtExcel.dll
object again and went through successfully on the second attempt.

Good luck


1/14/1998 5:34:19 AM

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