Disconnections during transfer of data from PocketPC database to remote database on desktop


I have run into a problem with disconnections occuring while transferring
large amounts of data between the pocketpc database and the remote database
on the desktop computer while connected with Activesync.

I know that my code for transferring data is correct because i can transfer
a couple holes.

The disconnect only occurs when transferring multiple holes containing a
large amount of data.
3 seems to be the magic number.  If i transfer 2 holes it seems to work
correctly, but when transferring 3, i am prompted for connection information
half way through the transfer of the third hole.

I am using PocketPB 1.5.1 and ASA 8.  I am not using mobilsync to transfer

I am correctly connected using ActiveSync.

If i un-cradle then re-cradle the device and hit ok to the connection prompt
it re-connects to the remote database correctly, but the device slows to a

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,


7/7/2004 3:29:21 PM
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